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Working from home can be a tax deduction

Working from home can be a tax deduction

As a salaried employee, you may be startled to hear that some job-related costs are eligible for deductions, but only for tax years beginning before 2018. Unreimbursed employee costs are no longer deductible for tax purposes commencing with the 2018 tax year. Employees who work from home are becoming a larger and larger proportion of […]

advantages of accounting and bookkeeping

Acknowledge the advantages of accounting and bookkeeping

Accounting firms are expected to be worth $11.8 billion by 2026, according to industry analysts. It’s not only large corporations that see accountant Dubai as critical to the success of their businesses. These figures may take you by surprise, but you can’t argue with their honesty. The main reason for this astounding statistic is that […]

Bookkeeping and Accounting

Difference Between Bookkeeping and Accounting

Accounting is the practice of documenting, summarizing, analysing, consulting, and reporting on a company’s financial data. The financial transactions are recorded in a database using bookkeeping, which is the recording element of this procedure. Bookkeeping and Accounting Are Two Distinct Professions, but What Is the Difference Between These Two? What is accounting firms? An accountant […]

businesses need bookkeeping

Why do businesses need bookkeeping?

Was your small company thriving on the most recent project? How much money did you spend on your most recent workplace renovation? Bookkeeping services are essential if you want to maintain accurate records of your company’s finances. You don’t need to spend money on accounting software, but it’s a need for every small company. To […]

Increase Your Company’s Revenue

Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Company’s Revenue

Your marketing plan should serve as a road map for the future year. As a consequence, each decision you make for your 2022 campaigns should complement the ideas and channels via which they will be implemented, as well as be written out in your strategy. According to many accounting services, to compete in today’s corporate […]