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Free Zone Business Setup in UAE


Welcome to SA Consultants, your key to company incorporation in 80+ UAE free zones! Our expert team guides you through the journey, ensuring a seamless process from location selection to pricing, flexible desk options, and share capital requirements. Let us drive success while saving you money. Say goodbye to stress and hello to success with SA Consultants!Take The First Step Today!

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We excel in providing a comprehensive suite of company setup services with utmost proficiency, including:

  1. Establishing a UAE Free Zone Company.
  2. Acquiring a Trade License.
  3. Registering with the Chamber of Commerce.
  4. Facilitating the Bank Account opening process.
  5. Securing Director Visas for both company and family.
  6. Organizing office staff and accounting services, fulfilling all other company requirements.

Count on us for seamless, efficient, and hassle-free company setup solutions.

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List of top Free Zones In UAE

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Tax Benefits of Establishing a Business in a Free Zone

  1. Tax Exemption:   Companies in most UAE Free Zones can enjoy full tax exemption on profits, subject to specific criteria. Recent changes in the corporate tax regime mean a 0% tax rate on eligible income, requiring businesses to meet specific requirements.
  1. No Import or Export Duties:   Businesses in Free Zones are typically exempt from import and export duties, providing a significant advantage for trading companies by lowering operational expenses.
  1. 100% Repatriation of Capital and Profits:   Companies operating in Free Zones can fully repatriate their capital and profits without currency restrictions, simplifying fund management across borders.

  2. Withholding Taxes:   The absence of withholding taxes on dividends and interest facilitates the seamless repatriation of profits to foreign parent companies or investors.
  1. Longer Tax Holidays:   Many UAE Free Zones offer extended tax holidays, providing specific benefits for a defined period with potential renewal options.

Other Benefits

Streamlined Business Operations:

Reduced bureaucracy in Free Zones leads to faster setup times, easier regulatory compliance, and straightforward renewal processes.

Networking Opportunities:

Free Zones host businesses from related sectors, fostering collaborative ecosystems and paving the way for joint ventures.

Trade Connectivity

Strategically positioned near major logistics hubs, Free Zones facilitate smoother trade, reduce transportation costs, and enhance connectivity.

Kickstart Your Free Zone Venture with Creative Zone

Opting for a business start-up in a UAE Free Zone is ideal for foreign entrepreneurs. At Creative Zone, we offer efficient business establishment solutions. Our experts guide you from selecting the appropriate jurisdiction to complete business incorporation. Contact us now to consult with one of our business experts!

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Diverse Business Licenses Available in UAE Free Zones

Securing a business license is a crucial step in establishing a business in UAE free zones. Applicants can choose from a variety of licenses tailored to their specific business activities, including:

– Establishing a UAE Freezone Company

– Acquiring a Trade License

– Registering with the Chamber of Commerce

– Facilitating the Bank Account opening process

– Securing Director Visas for both company and family

– Organizing office staff and accounting services, fulfilling all other company requirements.

Explore the options and streamline your business setup in the dynamic landscape of UAE free zones.

Required Documents for Setting Up a Business in the UAE:

General Documents:

– Passport copies of partners and business managers

– Passport-size photographs

– Trade names

– Attested copies of registration certificate, incorporation certificate, and Memorandum and Articles of Association (MAA)

– Original Board Resolution guaranteeing the financial commitment of the branch

– Passport copy of the shareholder

– Passport size photograph

**Finding the Best Place to Register Your Company:**

Get Free Advice and streamline the process of choosing the optimal location for registering your business in the UAE.

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