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ESR Notification Services In Dubai

ESR Services in Dubai assess applicability correctly to avoid penalties

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Economic Substance Regulation Services (ESR) in Dubai

The country depends on the growth of the economy and prosperity to improve the quality of life of its citizens. Real economic growth will motivate the government to pay tax on household income through businesses. However, tax evasion is a tragedy today, and governments and corporations must take steps to address the problem. In a country like the United Arab Emirates, where foreign investment and trade play a significant role in its economic activity, it is essential to ensure that the business does not shift its profits elsewhere to avoid tax debt. Therefore, the UAE has issued Economic substance regulations to address the gaps in the existing tax system.

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To prevent the illegal use of tax planning methods in tax laws in line with international requirements, avoid the payment of taxes, and ensure a transparent tax environment.

We, at SACONSULTANTS UAE, look forward to assisting you in meeting ESR compliance. For further inquiries, contact our ESR Advisory Service Experts.



  • How do SACONSULTANTS help you?

    We will help you find if you are following the rules and advise you on what steps are required to ensure full compliance. We are here to assist you in making the ESR notification before the final report is ready. Feel free to contact us for any advice related to Economic substance regulations.

  • Do you provide your services within Dubai?

    We have a team of experienced staff who work full-time; our team provides services within Dubai because for providing ESR services team of experts must be physically present in Dubai. Our team present in the UAE has the necessary skills to attend the board meeting.

  • Why should you take services from SACONSULTANTS?

    We help you to file an Economic substance regulation notification. We will tell you ways to fill the ESR report and give our valuable advice to help flourish your business.

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