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Annual Statutory Audit Services

Government authorities, various Ministerial Departments, Insurance Authorities, may seek companies to submit their audited financial statements, and companies need to comply with these requirements as and when required. For being in commercial, and industrial law, an audit is necessary for all companies. In UAE, companies must carry out an annual statutory audit from a licensed auditor.

In UAE, every company is required to carry out the annual statutory audit from a licensed auditor. The licensed auditor is the only one that the finance ministry is registered with.

SA Consultants act as licensed auditors as it is registered with the Ministry of Economy. We are a most authorized company whose finance audit reports are entirely acceptable all over the UAE. We have a team of professional staff who prepare the most professional audit, providing truthful and fair, relatively accurate and up-to-date financial information to the public. We provide a complete statutory audit examining all critical information such as bookkeeping, record maintenance, matched bank balances, and audited financial transactions.